Joy Of Being Book

Joy Of Being: Daily Moments of Becoming Present is the first book in the Joy Of Being compilation series written by Kristin Sven Larsen. The book is a value packed journal workbook that helps to create introspection for presence, gratitude, inner leadership, self compassion, self love/self care, accountability, mindset and mindfulness, spirituality practice over 120 days.

The book supports the reader through thought provoking journal prompts, daily quotes, pre and post day check-ins for insights and learning, weekly reflections, monthly reflections, with an abundant resource section of experiential exercises, knowledge to further the introspection, inner growth, and healing.

Focus is placed on habit change accompanied with intentional commitment to follow through on what the individual feels is important for them to implement in their life.

Creating a pathway to wholeness, growth, healing, awakening and transformation.

Opening the door to possibility.

Kristin Sven Larsen is an author and Transformational Health Coach who helps people ignite belief in self so they can give permission to trust their inner leader to achieve what they want without limitations.

His mission in his writing is to create ideas that ignite curiosity to love with courage.

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