Board Member

Job Description

General Responsibilities

The Board of Directors is the government and policy-making body of the Chamber of Commerce. It authorizes the program of work, approves the budget, controls its property, receives and acts on committee and staff recommendations and directs the general operations of the Chamber.


Other Specific Duties

  1. Board members are expected to maintain close contact with members of the Chamber and various leaders of the community.
  2. The Board is responsible for financing Chamber operations.
  3. Board members endeavor to enlist the talents and energies of Chamber members in committee activities.
  4. The Board shall assign objectives and clearly define the responsibility and authority of committees.
  5. The Board shall delegate such authority and responsibility to the President and staff as it deems necessary to accomplish the Chamber’s objectives.
  6. The Board of Directors is responsible for all Chamber activities, proposed projects that involve other than routine expenditures, or questions of over-all Chamber policy. All must be approved by the Board before the project is undertaken.
  7. Board meetings will be on a definite schedule throughout the year. Each Director should make every effort to maintain good attendance and be on time. Upon the absence of a Director from three (3) meetings of the Board for reasons which the Board fails to declare sufficient, that Director’s resignation from the Board shall be deemed to have been tendered and accepted (check wording in our bylaws to reflect).
  8. Each Director is a representative-at-large of all Chamber members.
  9. Each Director, in order to serve the Chamber effectively, must take an active interest in the organization and its activities. This means keeping informed and abreast of activities.
  10. Occasions may arise when a Director must serve as the Chamber’s official or unofficial spokesperson. As a spokesperson for the Chamber, each Director will reflect the official Chamber position. This responsibility requires the exercise of careful judgment, for a Director’s own personal views may sometimes differ from policies or official positions adopted by the Chamber. In such cases, the Director must use great care not to express personal views as such views might be misinterpreted as representing the views of the Chamber.
  11. A Director, during a term, may expect to encounter criticism of the organization. The Director has an obligation to defend it against unfair criticism or to initiate any necessary action to eliminate the cause if the criticism is justified.
  12. A Director must use every possible effort for maintaining and increasing, both in number and caliber, membership in the Chamber.



The Board of Directors is responsible to the general membership.


Commitment to the Board of Directors

In accepting the position as Director of the Angus & Area Chamber of Commerce, I recognize that with this position comes a commitment to support the organization, its programs and policies and to do all that I can to develop and maintain high standards.
I also recognize that with this commitment comes certain responsibilities and duties which require a time and financial contribution to insure that our Board of Directors responds to the Membership.

In this respect, I will do my best to:

  • Become familiar with the AACC policies, procedures and positions so that I can become an informed representative of the Chamber Board.
  • Attend all Board meetings and other official Chamber meetings and functions.
  • Review all Board materials/recommendations, in advance, so that I can help the Board make effective decisions.
  • Attend annual planning session/Board retreat. Participate in the development, adoption and implementation of the annual program of work.
  • Serve on at least one committee of my choosing or as may be requested by the President, and keep the Board informed of its progress and goals.
  • Communicate with the Membership to inform them of Board actions and Chamber programs.
  • Be prepared to assume the responsibility for my own expenses for official Chamber meetings associated with programs of the Chamber.
  • Act as a resource in defining activities and/or problems within the Membership and business community that need to be brought to the attention of the Board.
  • I will commit myself to bring into the Chamber a minimum of two (2) new members per year and be on the alert for new businesses in Angus and refer same to Chamber staff.
  • Perform such duties as may be requested from time to time by the President and/or Board of Directors.